Cost of Motor and Horse-Drawn Apparatus

Issue 26 and Volume 54.

Cost of Motor and Horse-Drawn Apparatus GENERAL NEWS FEATURES Chief A. A. Rozetta, of Nashville, Tenn., has prepared an itemized statement showing the cost of maintaining a horse-drawn apparatus company consisting of eight men, one steam fire engine drawn by two horses and one hose wagon drawn by two horses, in comparison with the cost of maintaining a motor triple combination engine, chemical and hose car, three of which have now been in the department for the past year, the record of each being covered separately below. Two of these machines supplanted the same number of steamer companies as described above, the other a chemical engine company of four men and two horses; the service rendered bv the motor machine with six men is triple that of the former with the cost of maintenance being but $1,950 more. The cost of maintaining an engine company of eight men and four…

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