Issue 26 and Volume 54.

METERAGE Farmington, N. M., has adopted the meterage system and is installing meters on all services. Lanising, Mich., is again considering the meter problem. The question of their adoption has reached that point where only a decision as to what kind of meter to purchase remains to be determined. Bay City, Mich., which some time ago decided to adopt meters for its water system, is engaged in installing them throughout the city. Many consumers are still on the flat rate system, but are gradually switching over to meters. In fact, the demand for meters on the new services has been so large that many meters purchased for the old service have been diverted to the new ones. “Since Baltimore is now building a filtration plant which will add to the cost of water, and since it is burdened with many millions of debt for sewerage, sewage disposal, paving, etc., it…

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