Fire Walls for All Buildings

Issue 26 and Volume 54.

Fire Walls for All Buildings “To eliminate the life hazard in fires, the building of the future will be emptiable in one minute. Occupants, no matter how numerous, of any building, irrespective of its use, will be able to escape in this brief period from danger to a place of safety,” said H. F. J. Porter, expert on safety from fire. “At present,” Mr. Porter went on to say, “it is established through the study of experts, that no building is safe which cannot he emptied in three minutes. It is considered dangerous for its occupants to remain in any burning building longer than this time. To be on the safe side, no owner should accept a building from architect and builder which cannot be emptied of its occupants in this period by means of egress facilities provided. He should subject it to such an exit test. He owes it…

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