Factory Commission Legislation

Issue 26 and Volume 54.

Factory Commission Legislation Abram I. Elkus, chief counsel for the New York State Factory Investigating Commission, in explaining the added powers sought by the fire commissioner, says: “Reports concerning amendments to the Greater New York Charter proposed by the fire commissioner and consented to by the factory investigating commission, restoring to the fire commissioner a portion of the power taken away by the legislation of last spring, have apparently given rise to some misapprehension, and it may be of interest to state what these amendments actually consist of. They have been occasioned not, as has been suggested, by any mistake or inadvertence in the drafting of the factory commission’s bills, but by the desire of the fire commissioner to have his powers strengthened in the respects mentioned below. The proposed amendments make only two changes in matter of substance, as follows: “First, they restore to the fire commissioner power to…

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