Bi-Lateral Hose

Issue 27 and Volume 54.

Bi-Lateral Hose The advertisement of the Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Company in another place in this issue shows an illustration from FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING of a line of hose used at the Equitable fire in New York. The company claims that by a unique method of inserting the lining, leaving it free from its jacket where the hose is flattened, it has stopped the cracking of the rubber tube at the point of fold as shown in cut. The company claims that this process of manufacture has changed the life of fire hose from how long the rubber will continue to stretch without breaking to how long it will merely bend before breaking. By flattening Bi-Lateral hose the compression of the rubber is relieved by curves, which bears out the argument that where the lining is able to adjust itself to bends it will prove not only more durable, but…

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