Days Off in Massachusetts Cities

Issue 27 and Volume 54.

Days Off in Massachusetts Cities Thirty-one of the 33 cities of Massachusetts have voted to allow their firemen one day off in every five. Two cities—Lowell and Taunton— have twice voted down the proposition, last year and again at the recent State election. Boston was the first city in that State to allow its firemen one day oft in five, by a vote of the city council December 8, 1905. Brockton followed by a vote of city council November 30, 1910. By a referendum vote ordered by the legislature all the other cities of the State voted on the question at their annual city elections in December, 1912, all but Lowell, Taunton and Northampton voting to adopt it. The firemen of Lowell, Taunton and Northampton went to the State legislature this year for a mandatory law compelling those cities to adopt it. This the legislature refused to grant, but passed…

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