Test of Fire Hose in New York

Issue 27 and Volume 54.

Test of Fire Hose in New York At a recent test of fire hose at the repair shops of the New York city fire department, some unusual pressure records were made. All brands of hose tested stood the regular pressure of 400 pounds, bursting from 550 to 850 pounds. Three lengths of hose of the Empire Rubber & Tire Company were tested to 1,000 pounds, the limit of the gauge, without bursting, or showing any signs of strain. The tests consisted of measurements at 10 pounds water pressure for length and circumference; measured at 400 pounds pressure for elongation, expansion, twist and curve, any length selected to stand 600 pounds pressure; two lengths to be placed on an engine and the loss in pressure in the hose from the inlet to the nozzle, measured. In addition to these the Empire double-jacket brand had its outside jacket removed and its single…

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