Motorized Fire Department Report

Issue 27 and Volume 54.

Motorized Fire Department Report A Lexington, Ky., newspaper describes a recent fire in that city as follows: With the motor hose truck snorting its noisy warning, the swift car of the chief gliding amid traffic like a meteor possessed, the elongated ladder truck picking a perilous route through the main thoroughfare, the fire department threaded its way to the heart of the business district, from which the alarm had sounded. As the charge of the red brigade swept through the streets, grimfaced men hurriedly donned helmets and rubber coats, while careening dangerously on the lofty perch of the driver’s seat a shirt-sleeved fireman yanked vigorously at the bell cord. Twenty minutes after the victorious fire fighters returned majestically up the street bearing the haughty air of victors triumphant. The chief, still wearing the medeval helmet of the feudal man-at-arms, strode into his office and wrote upon the imperishable archives of…

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