Large Assembly Auditoriums

Issue 27 and Volume 54.

Large Assembly Auditoriums TO THE EDITOR: A says that the largest auditoriums in the world are in America. B disputes this, contending that Europe has larger ones than can be found in this country. Will you kindly settle this argument in your next issue, and oblige a number of firemen who read FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING? W. B. PORTLAND, Ore., December 7, 1913. [A is wrong, St. Peter’s, of Rome, has a seating capacity of 54,000 persons; the cathedral in Milan, Italy, will seat 37,000, and St. Paul’s, of London. 25,000. There are several other churches in Europe that will seat from 10,000 to 20,000. Madison Square Garden is supposed to be the largest auditorium in this country, and that will seat about 14,000. St. Patrick’s cathedral. New York, has a seating capacity of 2,500, and by utilizing standing room will hold 8,000 more, but standing will not be permitted…

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