Issue 27 and Volume 54.

NEW YORK’S RETIRING FIRE COMMISSIONER Some sage is quoted as having said that “A workman is known by the chips he makes.” As the adage is suscep_____ble to two constructions—quantity and quality of accomplishment—we will in this instance accept both, as _____ cannot be gainsaid that during the thirty months administration of Fire Commissioner Joseph Jonnson, New Yorks Fire department has made greater strides toward the goal of efficiency than during the administration of any of his predecessors. But as it requires an organization to achieve so may conquests, the commissioner is willing to share the glories incident to these accomplishments with the staff which he surrounded himself with at the outset. It is true that the time has been propitious for material improvement of the department, but we have known men who were incapable of grasping timely situations and developing them when they did appear. Commissioner Johnson has shown…

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