Issue 27 and Volume 54.

METERAGE FIRE DEPARTMENT INTERESTS The Hartford, Conn., water board has made a change in the schedule of meters so that it would be more clearly understood, as some consumers were always looking for any loophole they could find. On September 1, 1913, there were 19,000 services, all metered, in Scranton. Pa. There are 19 services from 4 to 8 inches in diameter for fireprotection purposes; these have detector meters and have gates close to the street main. The Louisville Ky., Water Company is now installing at its own expense meters for all consumers who pay a flat rate exceeding $30.50 per year. In cases where a large volume of water is used the water company announces that a saving to consumers will be effected by the free installation of connections. An increase in the company’s revenue is expected as a result of this step. Fowler, Cal., has decided to use…

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