Underwriters Call Scranton Fire Hazard Serious

Issue 1 and Volume 55.

Underwriters Call Scranton Fire Hazard Serious Scranton, Pa., has been undergoing an investigation at the hands of the National Fire Underwriter Engineers,’ Scranton has a population of 140,000, and covers an area of 19.54 square miles, about one-half of which is built upon. The water works are owned and operated by the Scranton Gas and Water Company. H. F. Cox is chief engineer and E. M. Stack is superintendent. Following is a general outline of the system: Supply is by gravity from storage reservoirs on four watersheds, the most distant reservoir being 20 miles from the city. There are five services within the city proper, each supplied from a distributing reservoir. That portion of the main low service, including the congested value district, is gated off from the rest of the service and supplied through regulating valves. The different services are separated by closed gates so that the lower may…

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