Issue 1 and Volume 55.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS Albion, Mich., will purchase a motor ladder truck. Fort Washington, Pa., will purchase motor apparatus. Appleton, Wis., buys a Buick car for Chief 0. P. McGillan. Roseland, N. J., has appropriated $10,000 for motor apparatus. Everett, Mass, will procure additional motor apparatus to cost $5,500. St. John’s, Ore., has appropriated $10,000 for a motor pumping engine and hose wagon. Columbia Fire Company, of Wilmington, Pa, is to have a Martin chemical and hose wagon. A small bag of salt placed in the tanks of chemical engines will prevent them from freezing. Loraine, O., has appropriated $16,000 for a 65foot aerial truck and a station with furnishings. Glassboro, N. J, recently sold $90 worth of chicken pot pie to secure funds for motor apparatus. Sandusky, O, placed its new Ahrens-Fox motor pumping engine in service at No. 4 station last week. Marion, Ind., will soon receive a motor…

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