Dangers of Wood Trimmings

Issue 1 and Volume 55.

Dangers of Wood Trimmings A. G. Patton, manager of the special hazards department of the New York Fire insurance Exchange, discusses in a recent issue of Safety Engineering the dangers ot wood trim and combustible furniture in buildings of the so-called fireproof type. Mr. Patton says: “That appalling loss of lite some day may be the result of the tendency to trim with wood and fill with combustible furniture the modern socalled fireproof skyscraper seems possible, and the practice of placing a single shaft or well, stairways and elevators that are the only means of exit from high buildings, and not so constructed as to be smokeproof, cannot be too severely criticised. Experience has taught us that wood will burn and the same teacher nas shown conclusively that each elevator stair, vent or other shatt which is not so constructed as to be smokeproof will, in case of fire, become…

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