Description of Tube Wells in India

Issue 1 and Volume 55.

Description of Tube Wells in India In order to meet the difficulty experienced in many parts of India in obtaining a sufficient supply of water from ordinary wells for irrigating adjacent fields, which is due to serious disturbance and displacement of subsoil when a safe velocity of taking out water is exceeded, a convoluted-tube well, especially designed for discharges of 5,000 to 45,000 gallons per hour, is being manufactured in large numbers at Cawnpore, India, and is becoming popular throughout the northern part of this empire, according to Consul Henry D. Baker, on special commercial service. A description of this type of well appears in the August, 1913, issue of Indian Industries and Power: “The convoluted-tube well, which is designed for large discharges, differs from the many forms of tube wells on the market in that it is the only tube well which has the waterway area of the perforations.…

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