High Pressure for Richmond

Issue 1 and Volume 55.

High Pressure for Richmond Daniel R. Banks, who designed the Baltimore high pressure water system, in describing that system before the Richmond, Va„ water board recently, said of it: “The system is wholly under the direction of the fire department and has proved highly efficient. During its first year of operation Baltimore dropped to next to the last place in point of proportionate fire loss. The end of the second year, it is predicted, will find Baltime with the lowest proportionate fire loss among the large cities of the country. In the system the power plant has in a special test generated a pressure of 1,000 pounds, but a pressure of not more than 300 pounds is found most useful. Patent appliances at the portable hydrants make it possible to reduce the pressure at the nozzle to any desired degree. The system cost in round numbers $1,000,000. The principal items…

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