Beethoven Fire at San Antonio

Issue 1 and Volume 55.

Beethoven Fire at San Antonio Beethoven Hall, San Antonio, Tex., the largest auditorium in that city, was partially destroyed by fire at 10:45 p. m. one night recently. The building and contents, valued at $72,000, was damaged approximately $21,000. The loss is largely confined to the rear portion, the auditorium, stage, floor and roof suffering most. The substantial part of the hall, embracing the front compartments and the side walls were saved. The origin of the fire is not known. Delay in sounding the alarm permitted the fire to gain great headway, as members of the Reethoven Maennerchoir. in the club room, did not heed cries of “fire,” believing practical jokers were intent upon making them victims of a prank. Flames were bursting from every opening of the auditorium, or rear section of the hall, when Chief Philip Wright and the first pieces of fire apparatus arrived on the scene.…

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