Thompsonville Hook and Ladder Truck

Issue 1 and Volume 55.

Thompsonville Hook and Ladder Truck Thompsonville, Conn., has just received its new hook and ladder truck, built by the Knox Automobile Company, of Springfield, Mass., and judging from all appearances has one of the finest vehicles of this type in this part of the country. The motor driving the vehicle is of the standard Knox four-cylinder type, with large reserve power and strong hill climbing ability. All the grades in the section covered by the apparatus were taken easily on the installation tests. Briefly, the specifications of this vehicle are as follows: One 40-gallon chemical tank, 200 feet hose, one 55-foot extension ladder, one 45-foot extension ladder, one 35-foot extension ladder, one 25-foot extension ladder, one baby extension ladder, two 24-foot straight ladders, one 16-foot roof ladder, one 12-foot roof ladder, one front bumper. It also has an electric lighting system, electric self-starter, speedometer, clock, siren horn, hand horn, new…

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