Springfield, Mass., Water Department

Issue 3 and Volume 55.

Springfield, Mass., Water Department GENERAL NEWS FEATURES The annual report of the Springfield, Mass., water commissioners shows that the total receipts of the water department during 1913 from all sources were $415,233.04. Of this, the sum of $359,274.81 was received from the sale of water. This amount is an increase of $25,446.14 over the preceding year. As all water since April 1 has been sold by meter measurement, and not as heretofore, partially from fixed rates, it is difficult to use this figure in comparison to show the business done. The ordinary extension of mains into districts not heretofore supplied cost $28,079.00. For the retirement of the Little river serial bond issues $74,000 was paid and $22,746.69 was appropriated for the Ludlow sinking fund. Interest amounting to $14,375 on Ludlow bonds and $67,885 on Little river bonds, a total of $82,260, was paid. A total of $179,006.69 was expended on…

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