Issue 3 and Volume 55.

TABLE OF CONTENTS EDITORIAL: Comment: Cold Weather Kept Firemen on the Jump; The Work of Underwriter Engineers; The Proper Thing To Do Is Not Done. GENERAL NEWS FEATURES: Specifications for Standard Buildings 34 Syracuse Firemen Celebrate 35 Cost of Battery-Driven Truck 35 Iowa Water Problem 36 Collapse of Stony River Dam. (Illustrated) 36 New England Water Works Association 36 Business Block Burned at Lynn, Mass. (Illustrated) 37 New York Fire Pension Fund 37 Philadelphia Fire School 37 Retirement of Chief Coots, Indianapolis. (Portrait) 37 Early English Fire Engines 38 Electrical Plant Fire at Nashville 38 Block Fire at Charlotte, N. C. 38 Mill Fire at Decatur, Ill. (Illustrated) 39 Indiana’s Costly Fire Protection 39 Fire Fatalities Among Children 39 Good Work by Fire Commissioner Johnson 39 Philadelphia High Pressure System 40 Report of Pontiac, Mich., water works 40 Springfield, Mass., Water Department 40 Shanghai Pumping Station 40 Death of Allen…

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