Issue 3 and Volume 55.

METERAGE DEPARTMENT INFORMATION Buffalo, N. Y., has 4,004 meters in use of eighteen different makes. Last year 401 were added. So far, ten meters have been installed at Frederick, Pa., all where large quantities of water are used. Pontiac, Mich., has a population of 14,500. On August, 1913, the city had 3,645 services and 1,933 meters. During the last fiscal year 523 of this number were set. Water Commissioner Fell, of Trenton, N. J.. says that from 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 gallons of water are wasted in that city every day; and that the only remedy is meters. On October 1, 1913, Harrisburg, Pa., had 17,152 services, 13,719 of which were metered through 11,102 meters. All new services are now metered and all large consumers. The city council of Franklin, Pa., by a unanimous vote, has decided to adopt water meters. The date on which the ordinance is to go into…

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