Iowa Water Problems

Issue 3 and Volume 55.

Iowa Water Problems The problem of securing an adequate supply of pure water for the city mains is a live question to many towns in southern Iowa, brought on by the dry. summer just passed. Albia is without water part of the time, the public schools being compelled to dig a well and furnish their own supply. Osceola is conducting an interesting experiment by drilling a deep well. Already they are down 1,400 feet, and will soon attach the pump to see how near they can come to pumping the well down until too deep to raise by ordinary pumping apparatus. If the water surface goes, below 700 feet, they will either have to drill deeper for more water or try another well. The old-fashioned plan of collecting water in a reservoir has been condemned as unsanitary and is no longer used except for emergency purposes, such as the emergency…

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