Opposes Two-Platum System

Issue 3 and Volume 55.

Opposes Two-Platum System The City Club of New York has gone on record, in a recent communication to the committee on laws and legislation of the Board of Aldermen, as being opposed to the passage of Alderman Shipley’s ordinance providing for a two-platoon system for the Fire Department. The club, in a memorandum on the subject, said: “The two-platoon system is unnecessary for the protection of health and efficiency. Physical overwork is not the drawback of a fireman’s life. Few fire companies are called upon to respond to three calls a day. Much harder than the physical work required is the solution of what to do with the hours in which there is no call for their activity. Attempts have been made to justify this ordinance by analogy with the three-platoon system in the Police Department, but the policeman is on post or patrol constantly, and the limitation imposed by…

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