Carelessness Causes Fire

Issue 5 and Volume 55.

Carelessness Causes Fire State Marshal Baldwin, of Pennsylvania, has just issued a bulletin in which he states that children and carelessness in the use of matches have been responsible for many fires reported to him, involving much loss. He lays stress upon the importance of guarding against conflagrations. In his circular he states: “Of three hundred fires reported to this department having been caused by matches, children were responsible for one hundred and twenty-seven, or forty-one per cent, of these fires. Parents are to blame for this condition. They do not think and leave matches in open boxes within easy reach of the children. Property is not the only loss that results from this carelessness, but severe injuries and loss of life occur. Remember this and see that all matches are put in metal boxes and out of reach of children and better still, discard the striking or birds-eye match…

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