Water Conditions at Cincinnati.

Issue 5 and Volume 55.

Water Conditions at Cincinnati. The water works department of Cincinnati shows the biggest balance in its history, according to the annual report of Superintendent Bert L. Baldwin. The total balance is $188,000. Despite the increased expenses of the department during the past few years, the balance has been growing. On January 1, 1912, Baldwin says, the balance was $134,000. Out of this $30,000 was used for the redemption of optional bonds of the Madisonville plant. Notwithstanding this extra expenditure the balance January 1, 1913, was $130,000. During 1913 the extra expenditure included $18,000 for cleaning water mains and $8,000 for new fire hydrants; but the balance increased $58,000 above that of the first of last year. “Because of the growing sinking fund and interest rates, due to new or contemplated bond issues, the balance will never reach this figure again until the debt is reduced,” said Baldwin. The balance cannot,…

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