Water Works at Honduras

Issue 5 and Volume 55.

Water Works at Honduras Consul David J. Dyers, located at Puerto Cortes, Honduras, furnishes this government with the following: The new water works for the municipality of Santa Barbara, Department of Santa Barbara, are completed. Owing to the great difficulties in transportation, spiral riveted mains have been used on account of their relative lightness. The water comes by gravity from a dam 3 miles from town. This is the third public water supply system inaugurated in this consular district, all gravity systems. The water works at San Pedro Sula are owned and operated by the municipality. The John B. Ccfalu Water Works Co. owns and operates the plant at Puerto Cortes. The Cuyam_____l Fruit Co. has a water supply system at its Cuyamel headquarters. A large hydraulic ram pumps the water to a standpipe. The tanks along the Honduras National Railway are all supplied by gravity, the pipe lines being…

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