Issue 5 and Volume 55.

FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORTS Lockport, N. Y., Chief Samuel Cunningham —Total alarms, 72; loss, $13,380 on property valued at $418,200. Lowell, Mass., Chief E. F. Saunders.—Total alarms, 741, of which 300 were telephone, 232 box, 179 still, 22 automatic and 11 exposure. Marysville, Ky., Chief Edward Hite.—Total alarms, 24; total insurance paid on losses, $1,908.50; total value of buildings at risk, $164,800. Canton, Ill, Chief C. H. Totten.—Total alarms, 82; loss, $15,123.71; insurance on property, $182,025; value of property at risk, $158,855. Wichita, Kan., Chief A. G. Walden.—Total alarms, 311; loss, $162,111; value of property at risk, $1,047,080; insurance on property, $678,705. Carnegie, Pa., Chief G. P. Ebner.—Total alarms, 31; total loss, $71,816; value of property at risk, $220,164; total insurance on property, $104,775. Sapulpa, Okla., Chief E. R. Stagg.—Total alarms, 70; total loss, $8,746; value of property involved, $84,303; insurance carried, $50,000; insurance paid, $5,664. Norristown, Pa., Chief Peter V.…

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