Augusta Firemen Banquet

Issue 5 and Volume 55.

Augusta Firemen Banquet The third annual banquet of the Augusta, Ga., fire department was held on December 31 at department headquarters. The banquet was in compliment to the new civil service commission. composed of George W. Wright. E. Allen Pendleton. Eugene M. Wilder, Edward J. Lyon and Warren Walker. The occasion was notable in many respects, chief among which was the bringing together of the most important and influential men of Augusta—men who have been and are still active in the upbuilding and advancement of every department of the municipality. Several big surprises were sprung, practically every man in the large banquet hall being taken completely unawares. And the surprises were unquestionably genuine. for when George W. Wright, retiring chairman of the fire committee, and E. J. Lyon, retiring chairman of the police commission, were each presented with costly solid gold badges, handsomely engraved, they were at a loss to…

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