Processes for Fireproofing Wood

Issue 5 and Volume 55.

Processes for Fireproofing Wood Considerable attention has been given in the United Kingdom to the best method for fireproofing wood, especially in connection with railroad construction. The following is a description of a process which, it is claimed, has received the favorable consideration of the British Admiralty. The wood is placed in large iron cylinders, the doors of which are hermetically sealed. The wood is then subjected to a course of steaming, and under vacuum the air and moisture in the pores of the wood are removed and the sap vaporized. The fire proofing solution is thereafter run into the cylinders, and under pressure forced throughout the pores and fibers. Subsequently the water in the solution is evaporated in drying kilns, and the chemicals, in minute crystal form, arc left embedded in the wood. When heat is applied these crystals expand to many times their original size, forming a glassy…

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