Latest Outline of the Catskill Water System

Issue 5 and Volume 55.

Latest Outline of the Catskill Water System Charles Strauss, President of the New York Board of Water Supply, thus outlines the new Catskill water system up to the present stage of construction, and what it will amount to when completed: “While the shot fired the other day by his honor the Mayor in the tunnel 450 feet below the street level at High Bridge Park and 150th street removed the final rocky barrier separating the advance guards of the army of the north from the army of the south, the main army of laborers on both flanks has been so industrious over the far-flung battle line of the 120 miles from the great dam, Ashokan, in the Catskills to the term_____nal of the system on Staten Island that the artificial river course has been completed to a condition to transport water over the 65 miles between the Ashokan reservoir and…

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