Issue 5 and Volume 55.

FIRE PREVENTION METHODS DEPARTMENT NEWS St. Paul, Minn., buildings are now inspected by the State hire Prevention Association. A bill providing for a State fire marshalls’ bureau in New Jersey will come before the next session of the State Legislature. The Bangor, Me., Chamber of Commerce, at its annual banquet, January 12, considered the fire waste question. Lieutenant Governor-elect E. P. Barry, of Massachusetts, addressed the State Fire Chiefs’ Club at its recent monthly meeting on fire prevention. Chief T. O. Doane, of Plainfield, N. J., recently addressed the nurses and heads of departments at Muhlenberg Hospital on means of fire prevention and what to do in case of fire. To reduce the fire hazard and insure the cleanliness of the streets in the business district of Lynn, Mass., there will be three collections of paper each week by the board of health. The Meriden, Conn., fire department will probably…

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