Meterage System at Detroit, Mich.

Issue 6 and Volume 55.

Meterage System at Detroit, Mich. GENERAL ARTICLES The city of Detroit, Mich., operates a most complete system of meter maintenance and meter accounting, a fact which is shown by the following data, compiled by Mr. Lester J. Clancy, of the water department of that city. His description of the meter repair shop is as follows: The shop is located in the storage yard, which is the distributing center for supplies and headquarters of the construction and maintenance departments of the distribution system, and is an electric-lighted, steam-heated, two-story brick structure, forty-four feet wide and seventy-six feet long, and was first occupied in January, 1911. In it are housed the meter testing outfit and repair benches and parts and power equipment which will be described later. Its primary function is the testing and repairing of meters, but all the machine work of the construction and maintenance departments, which the size of…

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