Issue 6 and Volume 55.

METERAGE Texarkana, Texas, has a population of more than seventeen thousand, with a water consumption of 1,274,000 gallons daily, or about 72 gallons per capita. All service connections in use are equipped with meters, except those serving in fire lines. The total number of meters at the present time is 2,071. Edward J. O’Connor and James S. Erwin have been appointed water meter readers at Fort Wayne, Ind. This increases the force to four men and the city will be divided into four districts with a reader for each. Under this arrangement it is hoped that bills for service can be rendered promptly, instead of six or seven months behind time. Water consumers of Salt Lake City, Utah, arc asking for meters so rapidly that it has become necessary to employ another man in the water office at $90 a month to aid in the installation and reading of meters.…

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