Two Large Fires in Washington

Issue 6 and Volume 55.

Two Large Fires in Washington GENERAL ARTICLES A fire that required several days to entirely extinguish recently destroyed the hay and straw warehouse of William M. Galt & Co., on D street, Washington, D. C. The loss is estimated at $75,000. A cigarette probably caused the fire. Teamsters had just stabled their horses and were leaving when a blaze was noticed in a bale of hay right at the entrance which was burning brightly. The warehouse in which the fire was confined was really two buildings. There was a fire wall running down the center, but the expansion of the hay and straw after it got wet caused this wall to give way, and the fire soon spread from the part of the building where it started. It spread rapidly and for eleven hours nearly every engine that responded to the alarm fought the flames that burned fiercely in the…

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