Effective Use of Chemical Extinguishers

Issue 8 and Volume 55.

Effective Use of Chemical Extinguishers Kenotin Farm, the fine summer home of F. W. Sessions at Washington Mills near Utica, N. Y., was wholly destroyed by fire at 1.30 P. M., February 19 with an estimated loss of $20,000. The house contained 12 rooms filled with valuable old furniture, a large library, and costly pictures. The wind was blowing hard, which assisted the flames. The building was in charge of a caretaker, who notified Mr. Sessions at Utica and he arrived quickly on the scene in his automobile. He at once telephoned the O. J. Childs Company, chemical fire apparatus builders at Utica, and that company dispatched men with fourteen chemical extinguishers and a 40 gallon tank. The force arrived too late to save the residence but it succeeded in saving several adjoining farm buildings which would have surely been destroyed but for its timely arrival, and the efficiency of…

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