Women Prevent Conflagration

Issue 8 and Volume 55.

Women Prevent Conflagration The heroic work of women of Somerville, Mass., who toiled all one recent afternoon carrying kettles of hot water to thaw out hydrants and hose couplings, saved the town from a conflagration which the firemen from Somerville, Arlington and Medford had predicted. An apartment house was destroyed in the residence section, and others were in danger. A high wind swept the flaming embers to the roofs of another row of houses directly in the rear. Fireproof roofs, in accordance with a new ordinance of the Somerville fire department, undoubtedly prevented the destruction of this newly built up wooden district. The intense cold froze the hose and when high pressure water was used the lack of expansion caused the hose to hurst. Firemen were hindered in connecting new lines because of frozen couplings, and many women braved the biting wind to thaw out both hydrants and hose couplings.…

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