Standing of the Two Platoon System

Issue 8 and Volume 55.

Standing of the Two Platoon System As there is a general tendency to discuss the merits of the two-platoon system in the fire service, some data concerning the action that has been taken in certain cities in the Unietd States in relation thereto, as compiled by this journal will be appropriate at this time. The information, which is given in a concise form, shows the places where the system has been tried and those where it is in operation at the present time. Chief James W. Dickinson of Cleveland. O., who died in 1902, was the father of the twoplatoon system idea for fire departments. He read a paper on the subject and advocated its adoption by full paid fire departments at the annual convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers, held at Minneapolis, Minn., August 14-17, 1888. Since that time it has been agitated in many cities and…

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