Issue 8 and Volume 55.

FIRE DEPARTMENT DOINGS Chief Lewis F. Butler of Pawtucket, R. I., is confined to his home by serious illness. At a recent fire in Westfield, Mass., a single line of hose was laid 1,250 feet. Mayor Calkins, of Cohoes, N. Y., requests the purchase of additional fire apparatus. A fire company has been organized in the Cornish factory, at Washington, N. J. The Columbian Iron Works of Chattanooga, Tenn., has issued a very attractive calendar for 1914. More than 10,000 people attended the annual hall of the Boston fire department, on Lincoln’s Birthday. Among the guests was Lieut. Governor Barry. Los Angeles, Cal., is to erect four brick fire engine houses at the cost of $10,000 each. The mayor of South Bethlehem, Pa., advocates a paid fire department. The Chico, Cal., fire alarm system recently failed to work properly. Upon investigation it was found that myriads of black ants had…

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