Issue 8 and Volume 55.

FILTRATION Green Castle, Ind., citizens are congratulating themselves on having secured pure water. Dr. Jerome King, the Putnam county health officer, is in receipt of a letter from the State Chemist in which an analysis of the water is given. The water was taken from the city water main. The analysis is as follows: Odor, none; color, .00; turbidity, none; sediment, none; free ammonia, .0010; albuminoid ammonia, .0010; nitrates, .1200; nitrites, trace; chlorine, .6; hardness, 25.0; iron, .00; color bacilli, none. Remarks: “This is good water.” Alum used in the filtering of water at the county court house in Cleveland, O., is not properly controlled, Sanitary Engineer Pratt, consulting engineer for the city’s filtration plant, said after receiving a report from an assistant. Pratt said that the installation of a basin in which the water could be treated with alum before being filtered would remedy conditions. Several weeks ago Judge…

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