Steel Pipe with Insulated Wrapping

Issue 8 and Volume 55.

Steel Pipe with Insulated Wrapping The accompanying illustration shows the use of saturated burlap wrappings on lock bar steel pipe as utilized at the East Jersey Pipe Works at Paterson, N. J. It is claimed that the use of insulating wrappings for large water mains prevent corrosion and are useful in checking electrolysis of buried pipe and other underground structures that have complete insulation of impeivious wrappings. It is clear that greater mechanical strength of the common protective coatings against abrasion is secured during transportation and installation, if some sort of fabric is wrapped around the pipe. The effective thickness of protection is also cheaply increased. At first the pipe is dipped in the regular pipe coating as usual, and after this coat has set, it is sent to a wrapping machine in which the pine is rotated on centers. The bed of a lathe-like machine carries a shallow pan…

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