Memorial for Philadelphia Firemen

Issue 8 and Volume 55.

Memorial for Philadelphia Firemen A memorial service was held in Philadelphia on Sunday, February 15, for those firemen who died during last year. Sickness prevented the mayor from being present, and Public Safety Director Porter was unavoidably detained in Washington. The latter was to have called the roll of the dead, but in his absence this duty fell upon Chief Murphy. During this part of the exercise the auditorium of Scottish Rites hall was in darkness, but sobs were plainly audible in all parts of the chamber, coming from the friends and relatives of the deceased. It was an exceedingly solemn occasion for all who attended. Honor was paid the memory of those men whose names are given below. Of these Hoseinen Moritz, King and Costello were killed in the same fire; Hoseman Fahey in another blaze, and Captain Tobin while on his way to direct operations at still another…

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