Paid Firemen at Whitehall

Issue 9 and Volume 55.

Paid Firemen at Whitehall Among the many municipal improvements made recently in Whitehall, N, Y., is the transforming of its volunteer fire department into a paid department. For many years and up to within a short time Whitehall had seven volunteer fire companies. These companies occupied buildings, some owned by the village, other buildings being rented for the firemen, the village paying the expenses. Much old fire apparatus was owned by the village. To have maintained the old volunteer system would necessitate the buying of new hose carts or other apparatus. Instead the whole volunteer system has been wiped out and one central station built and equipped with automobile fire truck and with several of the more valuable of the older fire apparatus then owned by the village. Instead of volunteers Whitehall now employs paid men. In addition to the fire station one or two hose carts are stored in…

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