Quebec Firemen Battle in Zero Weather

Issue 9 and Volume 55.

Quebec Firemen Battle in Zero Weather The Valliere Furniture Factory and warerooms situated on St. Valier street, connected with one of the oldest manufacturing industries in Quebec, Can., were destroyed by fire one night recently, the loss being about $75,000. When the firemen of No. 4 station reached the fire they broke into the saw mill on the first floor and discovered the interior of the premises was in flames. Dense volumes of smoke soon poured out from the building. A general alarm brought the entire department and from the beginning it was seen that it bad a hard task to contend with. The fire was located in the saw mill, situated on the second floor of a three-story brick building that runs along the rear of the warerooms. In a few minutes there were a dozen through the commissioner of public safety.” streams on the fire. There was no…

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