A Bootleg Whiskey Fire

Issue 9 and Volume 55.

A Bootleg Whiskey Fire “A human life sacrificed on the altar of bootleg whiskey, $75,000 worth of property wiped out of existence and three old-established institutions put out of business, was the toll of the recent fire as developed by a coroner’s inquest” at La Junta, Colo., according to a local newspaper, which also says: “Some of the oldest citizens of La Junta, who have spent almost a lifetime in establishing themselves in business, will now have to start anew and in a crippled financial condition, because a baker in the Fulton Marker, whose brain was befuddled by bootleg whiskey, and thus rendered irresponsible, was in a condition like Nero of old to fiddle while La Junta burned.” This was the third recent large fire at La Junta. It started at 9 p. m. in a bakery located in the cellar of the market building. The building was destroyed, but…

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