Business Block Fire at Indianapolis

Issue 9 and Volume 55.

Business Block Fire at Indianapolis Fire, believed to have been caused by defective wiring in the garret of the Commercial block, Kentucky avenue and Washington street. Indianapolis, Ind., caused a loss to many business firms, estimated in the aggregate at approximately $300,000. Five persons were trapped by the flames and were carried to safety by firemen and volunteers. The wearing off of the insulation on high voltage wires strung through the garret to feed a big electric sign on top of the block was the probable cause. The loss was due largely to water. The water poured into the building while lighting the fire in the garret and second and third floors, swept through the floors of the building and caused a great part of the loss. The fire did comparatively small damage, although it gutted the garret and part of the fourth floor. A stairway and a skylight assisted…

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