Dock Fire at Portsmouth, England

Issue 9 and Volume 55.

Dock Fire at Portsmouth, England The most extensive fire of the past year in the British Islands occurred at Portsmouth, England, Dockyards on December 20th, when the loss occasioned amounted to nearly a quarter of a million sterling and two workmen lost their lives. The fire started in the sail loft and was discovered at about 7.30 p. m., when it had obtained a strong hold upon the central portion of the building. The Dockyard Fire Brigade was called and an urgent message was sent for the Portsmouth Fire Brigade, who speedily arrived with a couple of steamers. The Military Brigade and parties of marines from the vessels in the harbor, also came to the assistance of the dock firemen. The efforts of the Fire Brigades were chiefly centred upon the saving of the southern buildings, and the huge tanks near them containing thousands of gallons of oil, the ignition…

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