Dock Fire at Jacksonville

Issue 9 and Volume 55.

Dock Fire at Jacksonville Fire of unknown origin swept the Atlantic Coast Line Talleyrand Docks at Jacksonville. Fla., Jan.27. destroying six acres of warehouses and docks, with a total estimated loss of $225,000. Fanned by a brisk breeze from off the river, the fire, which started in the eastern section of the dock, quickly licked up the docks and warehouses, which were filled with lumber, ties, turpentine, fertilizer and other products. Four ships, one a steamer, were cut adrift from the dock to save them from destruction, while five blazing lighters were sent floating away by the employees of the docks. The pier was located at the extreme eastern section of the city on the water front, and with the buildings was constructed of wood nine years ago. The fire started about the center of the block and the alarm was sent in at 1.05 p. m. It burned for…

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