A Novel Water Supply

Issue 10 and Volume 55.

A Novel Water Supply A. G. Wachter, a rancher, living three miles south of Montrose, Col., has a novelty in a well which has just been completed on his property, from which flows two distinct kinds of water. One kind flows from a vein seventy feet deep, and the other from a depth of 300 feet. At a depth of seventy feet the drill tapped a vein of the purest kind of soft water. This water was cased. A smaller pipe was then put down and the drilling continued in a smaller hole to a depth of 300 feet, where a fine artesian flow was located. The artesian flow comes up througli the smaller pipe at the rate of 300 gallons an hour. This water is tinctured with a little mineral but is a good grade just the same. The mineral water does not come into contact, however, with the…

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