Nashville Water Works Report

Issue 10 and Volume 55.

Nashville Water Works Report Although less water was pumped by the Nashville, Tenn, waterworks department during 1915 than during the previous year, its revenue for 1913 exceeded its revenue for 1912 by more than $14,362.85, according to a summary prepared by Water Tax Assessor Turner H. Morton and submitted to Commissioner Robert Elliott. The summary is as follows: Total punipage for the year 1913, 4,178,884,000 gallons; average per day, 11,448,999 gallons; cost of coal for same, $15,792.81; total collections for the year, $317,035.82; total disbursements for the year, $221,025.37; total water furnished to the city free, 1913, $66,505.81; number of meters set, $1,550; total number of meters in use, 14,259; number of new connections, 1,148; bonds paid during the year, $50,000,000; total bonded debt, $1,422,000.00; new fire hydrants set, 160; water pipe laid, 6-inch, 54.000 feet; water pipe laid. 12-inch. 7,510 feet. The average daily punipage for 1912 was 12,125,603…

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