Providence Planning A Larger Water System

Issue 10 and Volume 55.

Providence Planning A Larger Water System An inadequate water supply has long been a handicap to the interests of Providence, R. I., and a more satisfactory one has been engrossing the attention of its citizens many months. A special committee which has had the work in hand has just submitted its report to the City Council, which it is expected will act favorably on the recommendations. The report suggests the creation of a monster watershed more than 200 square miles in area, the construction of a huge storage reservoir, or reservoirs in the village of Kent and the building of aqueducts from the reservoir to the Sockanosset reservoir through which the water will flow by. gravity. The cost of the improvement will approximate $9,000,000. The watershed area from which water will be taken under the plan includes all of the township of Scituate and portions of the townships of Foster.…

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